About us

A team of plumbing and heating experts, with a commitment to providing exceptional customer service and aftercare.

You’ll like our personal touch

Over more than half a century, L.J. Drain, based in Braintree, has forged a reputation for providing plumbing and heating services to exceptional standards but always at a fair price. Whether you’re a homeowner or a developer, we can offer you the highest quality service and aftercare. What’s more, we bring a personal touch to every single project that we take on.

Something that sets us apart from so many other companies, in what is a highly competitive industry, is that we genuinely care about our customers.

A refreshingly different approach

As a family business with three Directors who don’t spend all day in the boardroom but actually get out there, on the tools on site (add to this eight engineers employed by us, sometimes more, plus trusted subcontractors!), we adopt a refreshingly personal approach when it comes to liaising with householders, business owners, site agents and managers – all of whom appreciate (and find it not only convenient but also comforting) to always have an L.J. Drain operative to hand.

We’re ready to get started if you are?

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