Domestic Plumbing & Heating


Choosing L.J. Drain means choosing QUALITY & SAFETY

All of our plumbing and heating certified engineers:

  • Adhere to industry best practices

  • Follow strict safety standards and conduct

  • Complete every repair correctly, first time

  • Double-check their work to ensure quality

For many people, the plumbing or heating engineer who arrives at their home to do the work will be the only face-to-face interaction they have with any of our team members. That’s why being an exceptional engineer isn’t enough: to work for L. J. Drain, you must also be prompt, professional, and friendly.

An efficient, affordable and professional service

Who likes to be without plumbing or heating, even temporarily? No one.

L. J. Drain Plumbing and Heating Services prides itself on getting customers’ problems solved effectively and quickly, but also at a price that people can realistically afford.

What’s more, we always have our finger on the pulse of emerging technologies in plumbing and heating (inc. renewables), ensuring that you, our valued customer, can minimise your energy costs yet without compromising on system reliability or efficiency.

Fully trained and equipped engineers

Domestic repairs. Installation. Upgrades. Unblockages. Burst pipe & leak fixing. Gas escape control. Emergency callouts. And with the capacity and technical expertise to get over even the most seemingly insurmountable plumbing and heating obstacle, L. J. Drain is renowned across Essex as being “the only plumbing and heating company you’ll ever need”.

Look forward to always feeling reassured

Houses, flats, bungalows, barn conversions, rural cottages, inner-city tower blocks… whatever type of accommodation you and your family live in, enjoy 24/7 year-round peace of mind knowing that, should a plumbing or heating issue suddenly arise, L.J. Drain is only a phone call away.

You’re in safe hands

L.J. Drain is Gas Safe registered, OFTEC registered, has qualifications in energy efficiency and solar, and is accredited by CQMS. Also, enjoy extra peace of mind knowing that all of our engineers always operate in complete compliance with the latest COVID 19 safe practice guidelines.

It is a legal requirement that anyone carrying out gas works on any gas appliance must be Gas Safe registered, just like L.J. Drain engineers.

An engineer should always show you his Gas Safe card. To double-check their credentials, call 0800 4085500 or head to the Gas Safe website:

Got a problem with your plumbing, heating, boiler, bathroom or kitchen?